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Update: May 25, 2022

As we embrace our 42nd year of operation – we’re continuing to follow recommended guidelines for children.

Looking ahead – We continue to be excited with the response to the ongoing and additional changes and adjustments we have made in our studios. As with every year, we ask that you please keep in mind the CTA is a community school that currently serves students from 6 different school districts.

Depending on where the students come from, the students may be required to wear face masks for in-person classes moving into the new school year amid the coronavirus pandemic or they could be able to attend class mask-free. This can certainly be confusing for them when they come to the Center for classes.

The CTA will continue to operate and provide instruction while allowing masks to be optional. It is what we need to do for our student population and also to help ensure the CTA stays open.

Since the pandemic remains ongoing, we will continue to remain informed and flexible to any changes that may occur.  We are monitoring local conditions just like the schools and we will continue to review all new federal, state and county guidelines.

Moving forward

In addition to remaining focused on ways to ensure the safest environment for our students, as well as, our talented faculty and staff—We will continue to make adjustments and implemented multiple strategies as needed and – we will be close paying attention to changes and potential challenges in the coming year.

The CTA continues to remain a destination for all children. We have ALWAYS asked what’s best for the kids. Thank you for continually entrusting the CTA with your children, rest assured we have taken extensive measures to keep them safe as we welcome our 4th decade of operation.

Together, we are setting the stage for success!

Billy Hartung

Executive Director

Modifications: Studio/Equipment/Sanitation:

  • CTA has been stripped down and cleaned in its entirety. 5,800 square feet of studio space has been re-explored and re-imagined for our Better Together,Division with Vision The Facility is currently being “deep cleaned” by a cleaning services once a week, and the CTA acquired additional sanitizing materials that will be used after hours to safely disinfect entire studios after each use.

Policies and procedures have been revised, including the following:

  • The CTA will operate according to state and local regulations, and best practices as new policies are created, we will adapt our operations to meet these new requirements.
  • Children who are ill may not attend the CTA and must remain at home according to our center policies. Any child who becomes ill at the center will be separated from the other children and must be picked up within one hour.
  • Parents will be permitted inside the building, however we encourage drop off efforts.
  • Parents should conduct any lengthy conversations with our CTA staff by telephone.
  • We will continue to adapt to Covid-19 and make additional changes as conditions warrant, and we remain committed to responsible, disciplined and focused strategies as we move forward.